Friday, April 18, 2014

Take Credit For It!

By Shana Thornton

I declare that it is time to give credit where credit is due! Yes, I said it! Stand bold and take hold of what you did. Taking credit is a good thing despite popular opinion about it. Please hear me out before you form an opinion about this blog post. I happen to believe that claiming your own is completely acceptable. It's not arrogant, vain, or selfish. In fact, the type of credit I am referring to is the polar opposite of taking all of the glory and fame. I am referring to accountability. To be very specific, I am making a stance for people to simply admit wrong when it has been done. It's quite simple and yet continues to prove to be very difficult for some individuals.

Why is it so hard to get rather sensible people to take ownership of mistakes? There are likely a variety of reasons. Yet, I think the most obvious answer is embedded in the notion that we are constantly seeking to be considered perfect or admired by onlookers, which certainly includes family and friends. It appears that many people believe that by openly acknowledging a poor decision they somehow will be considered weak or incompetent. This is completely false. In fact, taking credit or ownership of a mistake enables the most efficient way to progress. After all, how can one grow if they haven't truthfully claimed the issue at hand?

Truth is not always the easiest path for people. Yet, it has proven more than enough times to be the only path to real greatness. Please note that I emphasize real greatness. Real greatness is not associated with fame or financial gain. Real greatness is an inner peace that is constantly considered work in progress that always has accountability at the heart of it. So, take credit for what you have done. Perhaps, the terms good, bad, and ugly describe your doing. Either way, your real greatness awaits you. Go ahead and take full credit. After all, you did it! Keep living, keep thriving! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why Try?

By Shana Thornton

I recently spoke to a good friend who revealed to me that she is seriously considering a major career change. She is finally thinking about stepping outside of her comfort zone to pursue her lifelong dreams. She told me that she shared her budding aspirations with a close family member in hopes of encouragement and excitement. Unfortunately, she was met with abrupt cynicism and sarcasm. In summary, the family relative boldly told my friend that most independent business ventures fail. He told my dear pal that it was best to stay put. She told me he went as far as to declare "Why try!?"

I am truly heartbroken by this harsh attempt to crush a budding dream. So I candidly ask myself the critical question- why try? I instantly arrive to my definitive answer. You try because you have the right to succeed. You simply try because you only have this life to try. If you don't try now, then when? Trying is certainly the start of everything great. I do pity my friend's family member. It appears that at some point in life someone crushed his dreams. So in turn he has opted to see the world through negative lenses. 

Either way, none of us have the right to rain on someone else's parade. Instead of tearing down a dream, let's lift it up so all of us can be inspired to achieve. So the pressing question should never be...why try? The only pertinent question is...why not try? Push on. Dream on. Live this life.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Is In The Air!

By Shana Thornton

So it's that time of year again! Say it with me out loud- February! Yes, the month dedicated to love. Love, love, love! It's the topic a lot of people try to avoid altogether. The topic of love often evokes dynamic emotions in most individuals. Those emotions can lead to memories that capture the very best and worst of relationships. Without question, love is truly amazing! Love mishandled can also leave participants with mixed feelings about relationships, people, and even life. 

Let me frank. Misguided love has clearly left some men and women uneasy about approaching love again. A distrusting attitude along with lack of closure can eventually lead to bitterness. Most people have had a minimum taste of bitterness before and yet pushed through it. That's just it! Love is conquered at some point and sometimes released. Either way, as human beings we have to find a way to achieve peace and closure with any situation in life. This is not always easy but it is always necessary for balance. 

So I hope your February is kind, sweet, and full of love. I am not advocating for you to seek love in another person just because it's February. Hardly! I am not encouraging you to go buy up all of the delicious candy at the store. No least seek the candy on sale first. Wink! I wish for us all to have a love for life and progress. This notion can be achieved alone or with fellowship. Love is many things to many people but one fact shall always remain. Love itself will never perish. It somehow keeps thriving through it all- if we are on aboard or not! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

That Very Moment

By Shana Thornton

Everyone knows it. There is no doubt about it. I am referring to the moment that you realize that life is oh so precious and the moment is so much bigger than the actual moment. The concept is not so easy to put into words but you definitely know it when you witness it. For instance, some people realize the moment when they welcome a child into the world or even when they celebrate their own 50th birthday. The moment hits you unexpectedly and without warning. The moment is surreal and always seems to leave us with an enlightening sense of mortality. The experience enables onlookers to proclaim that "everything keeps moving." Life is amazing. Life is dynamic. Life is forever moving. 

The very moment hit me some years ago while I was patiently holding the door at a restaurant for an elderly woman. She carefully moved at a pace that was comfortable for her. She appeared to be about 85 years old or so. As she got physically closer to me she appeared amused by my presence. As we conversed, she revealed to me that she could recall holding the door for some elderly woman many years ago also. She touched my arm at the conclusion of our delightful conversation to say that time waits for no one and that one day a young woman would hold the door for me as an elderly woman also. The gentle woman told me to "remember this very day." The incident occurred several years ago but it stuck with me. The older woman had been in my shoes before like countless others had also. The memorable experience seemed to flash my very life right before my eyes. Wow! 

I sometimes wonder what ever happened to the elderly woman. She left me with that special moment that reminds us all that life is beautiful, progressive, and irreplaceable. Her words were bigger than words. Her words painted a vivid portrayal of life. I hope to one day share knowledge that's worth remembering past the moment. I dedicate this blog post to the countless individuals who have shared their journeys of life with others- through a few words or through in depth discussions. The sharing inspires all of us to live this life to the fullest. May we all capture that moment! 

"We are alive in this moment, seeking an echo of our happiness, the recollection of someone's touch, his or her voice, their eyes."
-Carl Vigeland

Friday, December 6, 2013

'Tis The Season....

By Shana Thornton

Happy Holidays to everyone! It is the season for joy and giving thanks. In our culture, we are also expected and encouraged to exchange gifts as a gesture of appreciation and affection. Perhaps this holiday season we should aim not so much for the attainment of gifts as we should gravitate towards building a legacy of heritage with the youth. Far too many children know popular television show characters inside and out yet fail to know the name of any great-grandparent. Seemingly forgotten relatives are essential to any child's legacy. The histories of individuals can help shape our present and future paths.

I do not intend to put a thorn in the holiday festivities with this blog post. I happen to adore this time of year! I just believe that it is critical for our youth to understand the paths that lie behind us all. Also, children and adults alike should ideally appreciate the options that are currently available. Knowing and learning from the past can truly emphasize the significance of our present opportunities. Our future relies on decision making. So, without doubt, the legacy of the past can map out a successful future. Our future is oh so very important. There is no better gift to give a child than a hopeful future. May you proceed with victory! 

Enjoy the holidays! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Why Leaves Fall Off Trees....

By Shana Thornton

I love to see the seasons change. I see it as progress and as a friendly reminder that the future is always knocking loudly at the door. My all time favorite season to witness is autumn or fall. The scenery is truly amazing! As we all know, the leaves on many trees shed in order to allow further growth. Simply put, some leaves have to be dispelled before progress can be achieved. This natural and inevitable concept always fascinates me one reason. I just love how nature automatically coordinates this necessary action. Yet as human beings, we sometimes refuse to shed our unnecessary and often destructive elements. 

Unlike the trees that adapt to change without resistant, we can refuse to accept the inevitable reality that change is needed. As human beings, we frequently latch on to comfortability. To be sincere, change can be difficult even in the midst of recognizing eventual defeat. Denial presents itself as a practical defense for people in many situations. But at some point, the leaves will either fall off voluntarily or involuntarily because life pushes forward regardless. Some leaves, just like some things in the lives of all individuals, need and will be removed for life to sustain. Leaves fall for a very good reason. I hope your leaves fall with the purpose of exposing your victorious future!  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Your Dreams Matter To Me!

By Shana Thornton 

As small children, we are often told to dream big. Youth are frequently encouraged to reach for the stars. I love it when communities encourage and foster the next generation of superstars. After all, the children really are our future. Yet somewhere along the way, people forget to dream big as they transition into so called adulthood. As grown-ups, we focus on being practical and realistic. For a great deal of us,  practicality and realism simply means we clock in and clock out to pay inevitable bills. Our responsibilities become the main priority while our dreams and aspirations take a back seat. Over time,  the back seat eventually becomes unseen. Please let me be very clear. We should be accountable and dutiful in our responsibilities. As we age, we acquire critical components that deserve our immediate and long term attention. Without question, we need to do our best to take care of the main priorities. I just happen to believe that dreaming should be somewhere in the equation of life. Why should one give up on believing in their greatness? Who authorized everyone to stop reaching for the stars at the age of 22 year olds? Why should children only envision a better day?

Dreaming big not only fuels your hope and purpose, but it also influences me! Yes, I love to witness others pursuing their dreams and great destinies. The experience allows me to push harder and keep reaching up. When individuals realize their unique gifts and seek use of them, I get even more motivated. The wonderful belief that life is worth living to the fullest is both admirable and inspiring. I hope we all can certainly accomplish our dreams. Yet, if goals are achieved or not, the passion that energized the pursuit is what stands in the end. The famous Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best with the statement, "Life is a journey, not a destination." The character and belief that drove a journey is what remains when all is said and done. Dreaming is not just for our youth. I believe everyone should dream. I hope everyone dreams really big.  Please keep inspiring me. Your dreams do matter!  

Thank you!